Twizzies Natural Dog Treats

A great new way to treat your pet!

Smart n’ Tasty® Twizzies™ are all natural, grain free, chews high in protein and easily digested.  These delicious chews are available in 30 piece countertop display boxes by size and variety.  Available in Piggy (pork) and our new Turducky™ (turkey and duck) formulas.  Your dog will do just about anything to get their paws on these tasty lasting chews.  New merchandising display rack available for displaying all of your favorite Twizzies™ in one convenient location.

  • Made in the USA with all US ingredients
  • Grain free, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free
  • 100% digestible extruded all natural chews
  • No foul odor or staining, perfect for treating indoors
  • No artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors. Naturally preserved.

6″ Piggy Twizzies Display

6in_Piggy_Tray Larger Image


9″ Piggy Twizzies Display

9in_Piggy_Tray Larger Image Individual

12″ Piggy Twizzies Display

12in_Piggy_Tray Larger Image


6″ Turducky Twizzies Display

6in_Turducky_Tray Larger Image


9″ Turducky Twizzies Display

9in_Turducky_Tray Larger Image Individual

12″ Turducky Twizzies Display

12in_Turducky_TrayLarger Image


Display your favorite Twizzies™!

Smart n’ Tasty® Twizzies™ Rack (Measures 21″W x 13″D x 48″H)

  • Easy-to-assemble powder coated metal rack
  • Accommodates 3 small (6″ length) or 2 large (9″ length or 12″length) displays per shelf
  • Sides fit standard pegs for additional merchandising opportunities
  • Free with minimum Twizzies™ purchase through your preferred distributor
  • Even our racks are made in the USA!